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Schrodinger's Cat - Laminated Poster

Schrodinger's Cat - Laminated Poster

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Full sized movie poster for Schrodinger's Cat directed by Gigi Bannister. Produced by Gigi Bannister & Reggie Bannister. Laminated. 24"X36"

"Curiosity kills the cat... or DOES it?"

Mr. Smith (Brad Simanski), finds a kitty (Annie) and falls in love with it. When mad scientist, Dr. Schrodinger (Ethan Estes), commands Mr. Smith place the kitty in a box with radioactive materials for a dastardly experiment, the assistant is in agony! Will curiosity kill the cat?!?! Will Annie become radioactive kitty litter?!?! The men open the box together to find out solve the scientific mystery!

trailer:  https://youtu.be/0RQbGfYdhyA

Requires shipping tube.