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Reggie Bannister - Life Mask

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Reggie Bannister life mask by artist favorite, Eric Ott, of Headsvilleroll! Hand modeled, cast and painted, this item is one of three and the only ONE with which the Bannisters are willing to part. (On the creepy side, there could even be some Reggie DNA in them thar crevices!)  Signed by BOTH the artist, Eric Ott, and Reggie Bannister and personalized. Authenticated and hand wrapped by Gigi herself! 

There ARE a few dings from traveling with the Bannisters over the many conventions. But we'd rather leave them for the character and history than try to snooker anyone and gussie them up. You can have a some Bannister history and a piece of Regman hanging over your door keeping an eye out for the Tall Man! - gigi