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Intruders - DVD

Intruders - DVD

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The Intruders (2015) DVD directed by Gigi Bannister, Produced by Gigi Bannister, Reggie Bannister. Starring: Gigi Bannister (Widow) and Reggie Bannister (Narrator) in this Twilight Zone homage to "The Invaders" episode.

A widow (Gigi Bannister - Bubba Ho_Tep, Phantasm IV-V) alone in her remote mountain cabin is invaded by Intruders from another planet. Having defeated them, she awakens to discover she is still not alone and must ask the question, "Who is the Intruder and who is the voyeur?" Reggie Bannister (Phantasm I-V) is narrator ala Rod Serling. 

Limited edition. Certificate of Authenticity included.