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Carnies (2010) DVD

Carnies (2010) DVD

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Having sawdust in the blood is a carny compliment, but blood in the sawdust is another story. In 1936, during The #Great Depression, a traveling sideshow sets up shop to mystify yet another dustbowl town with freaks and illusions. When a sinister force begins taking the carnies' lives one-by-one, Detective Ellison (Reggie Bannister of Phantasm) is put on the case. Is it the cryptic carnival owner, Helen (Denise Gossett - Shriekfest, "The Office")? What about the strong man, Virgil (Chris Staviski - Chillerama, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp)? Or how about Ratty, the snake handler (Doug Jones of Hellboy, Star Trek Discovery & Shape of Water) and his friend William, the sword swallower (David Markham of 'Carnivàle')? Step right up folks, step right up. The show is about to begin.

Autographed by Reggie Bannister and Gigi "Fast Elk" Bannister with Certificate of Authenticity.

Featuring Special Effects of Gigi "Fast Elk" Bannister and as "The Bearded Lady."  Produced by Gigi "Fast Elk" Bannister, Reggie Bannister, Brian Corder, John Corder and Chris Staviski.. Directed by Brian Corder.