Welcome to Nightmarez Cafe'!


The Pumpkins are carved with the greatest of care. And the skeletons are shoved in the garage over there. Now bring out the Spheres, Nutcrackers, Tall Men, Reggies and Cheers! Pop them in stockings, boxes and mail them to peers! (HEY! YOU try rhyming!) Now Reggie's in his nightcap and Vampi's in her robe, we've got a skeetch of Scotch and a blowing snow globe!  Joe Bob Brigg's on the TV and a log's on the fire, so grab the iPhone and shop Nightmarez Cafe' for your heart's desire! There's a Black Friday Sale and a Ciber Monday one too! Don't see what you want? Make an OFFER! What's NEW?!?!

No! REALLY! For BFCM we're offering 50% off HAND PAINTED Nutcrackers by Gigi Bannister! Collect all FIVE!  AND stock up on all your Reggie Bannister, Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire, or Gigi Bannister photos for your stocking stuffers and select gifts for those special #Phantasm #BubbaHoTep #Phans! 

We DO have some offline collectibles but they are VERY, VERY RARE and PRICEY. AND YA GOTTA ASK for them cuz it's hard to pry them from our cold undead hands! Check back for updates!

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire & Regman